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ROMA Twist up TUA 30ml Garrafa de bomba de loção sem água recarregável

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Modelo: TUA30-ROMA

Descrição do produto

Descrição do Produto
 Product Specs 

 Item No. : TUA30-ROMA

 Item Name : ROMA Twist up TUA 30ml Refillable Airless Lotion Pump Bottle
 Dimensions : 33 x 150.2 mm
 Overflow Capacity : 33.0 ml
 Dosage: 0.20 ml
 Pump : Silgan Aria Airless Snap-on 18/400





Advantages of an airless bottle, airless pump cartridge utilizes SILGAN pure path dispensing technology to achieve a metal-free path for all formulas.Twist-up Airless and cartridge refill system offers a luxurious packaging with flexibility and mobility, Available in 15ml, 20ml and 30ml. 



The ability to design a mix and match line of products is extraordinary, based on any number of criteria. A firm might even use it to create a sample set. The possibilities, as are the marketing. 





When the first cartridge runs out the interior reservoir of the atomizer slips out so that it may be replaced with a full cartridge.  Advantages? Well, not having to purchase a new bottle means less packaging is used, and that means less impact on the environment - reducing and reusing is everyone’s responsibility.




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Trendsetter of portable charms


Established in 1987, Glaspray is a designer and manufacturer of dispensing packages for fragrance, skin care and cosmetic industries, we combine expertise and experience to fulfill your unique requirements.


We provide packaging solutions that carry a balance between SUSTANABILITY and GLAMOUR. Glaspray constantly evolves with changes in the global business environment to present the most complex ideas in the simplest form, changing your perspectives on innovative packaging.


Our vision is to turn our passion for innovative design and sophisticated engineering into your strategic assets.


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Thinking from new perspectives and applying intelligent engineering, Glaspray integrated different designs and mechanism, transforming ideas and concepts to products in unconventional ways.



Glaspray continues to create true multi-functional/cross over products in the market’s ever changing trends by adapting alternative functions and applications in our product design. We offer a manufacturing process that facilitates different engineering requirements.



Less is more. Glaspray turns complex techniques and packaging structures into simple design language. We combine minimalism with refinement for your stylish consumers to strengthen your market differentiation.




A team of engineers and designers provides seamless and precise engineering services including structural design and rapid prototyping. Courtesy of latest 3D printing technology, we are able to reduce development lead time and costs.



Cooperation with Italian designer, Glaspray fuses global perspectives from eastern and western to create inspirational ideas.



Uncompromising creators turn idea into creative solutions. Glaspray implements a seamless process that includes optimization of design and engineering, reduction of time-to-market and a network of resources. Our customization process creates new customer loyalty for your ideas.


Smart Customization: Profitable growth through tailored business streams evaluation of product customization strategies through modularization and postponement


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True differentiation requires revolution. Glaspray keeps on creating because the next idea could be the answer.


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